TV RECAP: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – Season 2 Episode 3

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The episode starts, as always, with the girls returning from last week’s runway. A’Whora is completely thrown by the competition! I have no idea why, wasn’t she safe last week? Tayce should be shook right now, maybe they can feel each other’s emotions or something… I don’t know how sex works. Oh, and Veronica Green has just won the challenge too.

The mini-challenge for this week on the American season is to dress up as a baby and do a sexy baby dance. With that in mind, I am absolutely over the moon and filled with relief that the UK queens are doing the limbo instead. This mini challenge was not only stupidly fun, but it also had a clear way to win; when normally the judging for them is very… what’s the word… questionable. We are joined by UK drag legend Jodie Harsh, who pretends to DJ to one of RuPaul’s messiest songs: ‘Cha-Cha Bitch‘.

“She wanted to test her husband, she knew exactly what to do.”

Moving on very swiftly – This week’s main challenge is all about designing and creating a brand new look for the runway, but first the queens are asked to pair up with their ‘bestie’. The pairs are then assigned single-coloured boxes to create a look from. Usually the queens are asked to make their outfit out of unconventional materials, but this time RuPaul announces that the pairs will be competing against each other in a ‘Who wore it best?’ scenario. This twist is very welcome, considering that they have given the queens actual fabric this time. It also prevents queens from landing in the ‘safe’ land of uncertainty; where you don’t know if you’re closer to the top or the bottom of the pile.

As Veronica states, the pairs are pretty well matched up. I think Sister and Ginny together are such a dynamic duo, and they are assigned my favourite colour so it was a win win for me. A’Whora and Tayce are also paired up to flog this dead horse of a ‘sexual tension’ storyline. It’s about as fun as when you sleep with someone ONCE and all your friends point and say ‘there’s your husband’ when you see them out in the club, every single time.

This is also the first episode where we get to see Ru walk around to all the girls (in pairs as his time is too expensive) and actually build a rapport with them out of geish. A firm highlight in TV storytelling included Lawrence stirring the ‘sexual tension’ plot in front of Ru, and then Tayce promptly telling Ru that Lawrence ‘wouldn’t know sexual tension if it smacked her in the face’. I also very much enjoyed Sister Sister’s five seconds of chat with Ru, and Ginny’s journey into what we perceive as ‘sexy’.

Resident ‘Basic Bitch’ Tia Kofi completely owned this episode, in all the right ways. It made me firmly believe that they were lining her up to go home so I was very worried.

Aside from some fun remarks, the build up to the sewing challenges are always filled with a lot of self-doubt. Which can often make these episodes heavier to watch. Usually, the runway more than makes up for the tears with moments that make you GASP. This time I do feel a little bit… blue-balled.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply invested in all of the queens and their stories but, fashion-wise I wasn’t blown away this episode. There was also a waterfall of tears on the runway as Ginny, Tia, and Asttina started crying one after the other. The stress of the competition is definitely starting to kick in at this point. It will be interesting to see how the runways are elevated when the queens have their rumoured 6-month COVID-19 break in filming. But now for this runway…

First of all, my favourite item of clothing seen this season: Can we talk about Sister’s Sister’s TROUSERS. AMAZING. I can understand why she did not get the win as I found the sleeves to be distracting. If the shade of pink on top synergised with the blue on camera better I do believe she could have won.

I also wish that Ginny had put up more of a fight against Sister. It was a tube dress and yellow bangs. They did not look too horrible though, and I was especially impressed by Ginny’s willingness to adapt to Ru’s advice. Ginny’s personal journey in regards to gender should not prevent them from playing further with ‘perceived’ gender and the shape of their body in drag; and this is what I believe, rightfully, granted her safety this week.

I’m featuring this image because of Tayce’s face, not because I thought she was better than A’Whora.

Tayce’s biggest misfire was wearing the same hair, it was such a statement piece the first time around that no amount of safety pins in the hair could have hidden it. The concept was A+ though; If I remember correctly we haven’t really seen a high-fashion insect on the runway before. (Ben DelaCreme’s ‘fly’ look does not count as high-fashion.)

A’Whora has spent the whole episode telling us she is a FASHION girl, so we as viewers know that she isn’t going to win the challenge. Her look was exceptionally well made, I just didn’t like the boots with it; the house down boots. It’s interesting that the other girls said that she didn’t win because she was too busy helping Tayce. I would disagree because I really don’t see what A’Whora could have added any more to her dress to make it ‘better’; it was pretty damn good!

‘and now, representing Ireland’

Veronica’s dress, whilst being selected as the green winner, was not a ‘winning’ dress. I believe Tayce and Ellie definitely performed better, but rules are rules and she’s given a pass this week. Fair enough I guess, it wasn’t bad and my Mum and I personally love when the queens add an inner lining to their dress in a different colour or shade from the outside. Unfortunately, the most memorable part of the runway was Graham Norton’s Eurovision reference.

Tia Kofi, bless her. For starters, the dress was not that bad for the storyline of ‘I don’t sew!’ Compare it to the fashion of Sum Ting Wong or Vinegar Strokes from last season and… need I say more? If the green in the middle of the dress was a nicer fabric I believe the whole look would have been a good one. Needless to say though it’s Tia’s personality that is winning me over every single week. ‘I’m serving an adequate dress, made of material, that is on my body’ was so fucking funny, and her sarcastic comments about how gorgeous her dress on the runway had me in stitches.

If the skirt had just been bigger or stranger, I think she would have ‘skated’ by LOL

Astinna’s critiques this episode were very unforgiving because she did look good. I was confused in the workroom when she said she was ‘done’, and then said she didn’t have time to embellish it further? Was there time or was there not time? I agree with Michelle on the fact that it did definitely look ice skater-like; and you know it’s not a design challenge until Michelle Visage tells a queen that the necklace doesn’t go with the outfit! Unfortunately when Asttina took hers off the outfit still didn’t work… Tia Kofi’s necklace should have received that treatment, it was hiding her clavicles!

Moving on to Bimini Bon Boulash, who once again shows us that she is capable of giving us something different each time, but always with that kind of ‘sex-worker’ essence. It’s honestly something that Rebecca More would wear to a red carpet. Therefore, Bimini wins the DYCAL award this week for ‘doing exactly what you set out to do, artistically’. I’m noticing some people argue that Bimini should have won. Now, as much as I am not feeling the Lawrence Chaney hype, I do believe that she was a deserving winner.

There, I said it. Lawrence deserved to win. Now please don’t force me to say it again.

When the pairs were announced, and the two Scottish queens got the ‘gold’ box, I thought for sure the two of them would be lip-syncing. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that they both managed to make the gold (which can be super cheap and not high-fashion) look incredible. Whilst not exactly high-fashion, the two of them clearly performed the best. Ellie’s Marie-Antoinette look read as ‘Pirate’ to the judges (ouch), and I blame the black boot; the house down boots! Maybe a white boot would have elevated it further, but what do I know I’m just a fag behind a computer screen.

When Lawrence was chosen as the winner, my Dad legit said ‘so that’s two he’s won now’. Lawrence is getting so much screen time that my Dad thinks she’s winning every week lmaoo. Admittedly, Lawrence and Ellie in gold were by far the strongest pairing, and to be the best of two in the winning team solidifies the win further. Lawrence’s Mae West inspired gown was pretty clever considering how Ru adores a prehistoric reference, and her win made A’Whora breathe fire out of her nostrils which is always fun.

Speaking of edits: Lawrence’s harsh edit last episode has changed dramatically this episode, and it’s vice versa for A’Whora, who received a softer edit last week. It is true that under the immense pressure of the competition, when a queen fails they tend to lash out. We saw it with Lawrence last week, and with A’Whora this week, who immediately comes for Tia Kofi backstage. To comment on how she thought Tia would be gone is fine, to say that Tia is making too many jokes in a drag competition is a bit too far. Especially when Lawrence is getting all the screen time in the world for making a joke every two seconds!

So we are now 3 for 3 on shocking eliminations! Asttina being sent home on her first lip-sync was definitely unexpected; they spent the whole series up to this point mentioning what a fierce performer she is! Whilst Asttina’s lip-sync was very good, for me it was like her dress; well put together and classic, but not terribly exciting. Tia started off using her comedy chops, but at the last moment she had this fire in her eyes that really shocked me. It was very much like when Pearl was controversially saved in Season 7, the fire in the eyes is what we love to see here at DYCAL.

BIAS CORNER: So once again I’m looking online and seeing people write that Sister Sister is a mess! What is it about her that people dislike so much? Sister was the friendliest of the bunch this episode, and turned out an absolutely over the top alien-drag look on the runway! I’ll say it again: those TROUSERS!! What more do people want? With the eliminations happening as it stands, I wouldn’t be as shocked to see her go all the way. Interestingly, in Spanish, ‘Sister Sister’ directly translates to ‘Sneak Attack’!

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